• 01.10.1984Founding B+V

    After company founder Willi Lammert realized that there were numerous possible uses for limestone in the Sauerland region, he ventured into self-employment under the company name B+V Mineral- und Rohstoffe, initially as a partnership
  • 01.11.1984First delivery to agriculture

    The first deliveries to agriculture are made from a lime quarry in Brilon. Right from the start, B+V not only takes care of the material, but also of shipping it to the customer
  • 01.10.1989Delivery to the Netherlands

    In October 1989, animal feed was delivered to Holland for the first time via Cebeco Handelsrad
  • 01.04.1990Delievery to Eastern Germany

    After the fall of the German Wall, company founder Willi Lammert is also increasingly on the road in the east of the republic and establishes contacts with lime works and new potential customers
  • 10.12.1990B+V becomes a corporation

    After the company B+V had established itself in the market, it was continued in 1990 in the form of a GmbH. In the meantime, not only agriculture but also industry is supplied with limestone and dolomite
  • 24.01.1991Delivery to glass industry

    Since the Warsteiner lime is ideal for the production of white glass, the first test deliveries are made by the Risse quarry. A short time later, phonolith was sold to Schleiden in the Eifel.
  • 10.03.1998Delivery from Belgium

    The first limestone powder deliveries are made from Belgium to Germany
  • 01.07.1999Entry Rolf Lammert

    Rolf Lammert becomes a new employee at B+V GmbH
  • 01.01.2001Certification as additional service

    Due to the increasing requirements in the field of feed and the additional training as an auditor by Rolf Lammert, advice on certification according to feed law is being implemented as a new service for plants and forwarding companies in B+V GmbH
  • 13.01.2004New Managing Director

    In addition to Willi Lammert, his son Rolf will now also be the new managing director
  • 2008Moving to "Schützenplatz"

    Since the premises in the "Lange Strasse" office in Störmede have become too small for the employees, they move into the new office "Zum Schützenplatz 28a", right next to the former "headquarters".
  • 2010Delivery Poland

    Personal contact with a Polish family leads to the first deliveries of limestone from Poland
  • 2012Own database certification

    All (external) certifications are now processed with a database in order to save costs and have a clear manual. There are many words of praise from the external auditors.
  • 2014All deliveries on a webside

    B+V offers an additional service for all customers/freight forwarders and suppliers: All deliveries are showen on a website, so that everyone can now approve the state of his delivery.
  • 01.07.2019New office in Geseke

    The office in Störmede was far too small for the 5 employees, so the decision was made to rent a new office building in Geseke "Auf dem Stifte 14", centrally located in the town. So, for three employees the way to the office can be done by feet.
  • 01.01.2021Delivery to Czech Republic

    B+V now also supplies special products for the glass industry to the Czech Republic.